Test probes

We supply various test probes for metal detectors and X-ray inspection systems. Test probes are in a wide range of different types of metallic and non-metallic contaminants and in a variety of colors and sizes.


X-ray protective curtains

The assortment of safety elements preventing the emission of X-rays from food inspection devices, safety X-ray devices, and for use in medicine in the protection of patients against X-rays.


Sanitary seals

The assortment of sanitary seals, including elements of the Smart Gasket series, which are designed to ensure sterility validation, temperature measurement, sampling, biological indication, filter screens, orifices in piping systems in the pharmaceutical, food, and beverage industries.


Detectable products

The assortment of protective aids and objects, in a special so-called “detectable” design. In case of contamination of the product with parts or fragments of these objects, this product is positively detected and rejected by the inspection device (metal detector, X-ray inspection machine).



The assortment of elastomers (O-rings, tri-clamp seals, etc.) that can be detected by metal detectors and X-ray inspection devices – replacement of standard elements, which are, however, undetectable by inspection devices.


Customized solutions

We can provide custom manufacturing of various objects and products from technical plastics, which are in a special detectable design (metal detectors, X-ray inspection systems). We mediate the sale of suitable inspection equipment, or we arrange a short-term/long-term loan of a suitable system in case of a sudden failure of your equipment, unexpected audit, etc.

About Us

TESTPROBNIK is a trading company with a range of goods that are closely related to metal detectors and X-ray inspection systems, especially in the food industry. We are ready to provide you with the supply of test standards for these devices, which are necessary to verify their proper function, as well as a set of special detectable objects and materials used in normal operation (office items, pencils, pens, patches, disposable clothing, cleaning aids, etc.)

The sales range also includes several so-called “smart” seals, including their detectable variants. We will arrange the mediation of the sale or rental of a suitable metal detector, X-ray inspection equipment, or continuous checkweigher.